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"Donna has magical hands and cured my very painful shoulder and neck pain that I had for 2 months and had gotten increasingly worse.  She not only gave me an excellent massage but after following her advice, my neck was improving greatly. In a couple days it was completely painfree and I have now been painfree a couple weeks.  I highly recommend her and I promise it'll help your overall ?wellbeing... nice calm atmosphere as well to forget the troubles of the week."  MB, Wilmington, NC


You need to name your business to "Toast to Butter".  Because I went in feeling like toast and came out feeling like butter, OMG what a fabulous massage. ~ Eva T, Wilmington


For years I have suffered with aching joints and back pain associated with scoliosis, compounded by working on my feet every day.  Donna Teague has made it possible for me to continue working hard with less pain and body stress.  From deep tissue massage, to stretching and relaxation, Donna has provided an invaluable service for a competitive price.  Donna has always personalized her approach to my specific needs and the benefits have been priceless.   ~ Steven, Wilmington NC


"Thank you Donna Teague for the follow up and great service.  Since it was my first massage I wasn't sure what to expect but now I'm sure I will be seeing you again.  You, your business and your service were outstanding."    ~ Shawn, Wilmington, NC.     


Before I began massage therapy and working with Donna, I was unable to relax or sleep.   My chiropractor referred me to Donna because of this as well as a debilitating pain she thought Donna may could help with.  One appointment and the pain was relieved.  Two appointments and it was gone.  Now with my monthly maintenance appointments, the pain has not returned. I will not go without my appointment because now I am relaxing and sleeping well.  I highly recommend Donna to anyone that needs relaxation or pain relief.         ~ Dot, Wilmington NC

Before seeing Donna, I had a hard time sleeping.  I had a constant tightness  in my neck and shoulders.  Now, I look forward to weekly appointments with Donna as  her massage  helps  me to keep me relaxed, helps me sleep, and keeps me pain free.           ~ Tracy, Wilmington NC


My husband came home from his massage with Donna Teague & was gushing about how great she was! He said & I quote, "I would highly, highly recommend her." DM ` Wilmington, NC


“I have known Donna personally and professionally for many years. She is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. She takes the time to really figure out what is needed and tackles it head on. She is very attentive and understanding of your needs.” Katie M. ` Wilmington, NC


Good massage!!!!  Donna worked all my sore places out more so than I have ever had with any deep tissue massage before.  I highly recommend seeing Donna for massage services.    Larissa, Wilmington NC
Since you were busy, on my way home I stopped and got a massage in B*** She was okay but nothing like your massages. I was disappointed. CBN

Donna has been my active massage therapist for over five years. I was in a bad automobile accident and her deep tissue massage techniques are unique and the main contributor to my pain relief. I highly recommend her services and give her my continued support.         ~ Cindy, Wilmington NC 


Unbelievable.  I came in under a lot of stress and and pain.   After I received my massage & reiki  service with Donna I felt like a whole new person mentally and physically.  Like a huge weight had been lifted all of me.  I highly recommend Donna for stress or pain relief.  She helped me with both and I now I feel renewed.   ~Pam, Wilmington, NC


"Wow!  What a great massage!  I was so impressed with Donna, she is truly gifted.  I have traveled and had hundreds of massages and I would put her in the top five.  I will definitely make and appointment with Donna on my next visit to Wilmington"   ~ Julie, California