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Are you in pain and wonder if uninterupted attention to that area will relieve it?   Well sometimes it can.  Call today for an appointment and I will let you know if it is something I can help you with or not.  Or....

Are you in a stressful job and yet you can't leave because you need the money?  You know you're stressed, you know stress is not good for you.  But what can you do to keep your job and minimize or remove the stress so that  you can make it until your time is up in that position?

Call me: 

I too was working in a stressful position.  So much so that I had to have my thyroid removed.  (stress can cause thyroid problems)  At that time I did not know there was anything I could do but take the stress or quit the job.  So I quit the job.  (even though I really could not afford not to work, the stress was too much) .  Not to longer after was when I realized the damage to my thyroid.  But now the damage was done.     

I ended up entering school for massage and opened up my own practice.  And now I know there are other options than quitting your job.  Regular stress relief with massage and coaching through situations can help put your life and mind in a better place to not let it get to you.

My sessions are not cookie cutter.  Each session is designed for you at that time in your life. To allevate the stress, the pain, a time all to yourself.  Nothing for your to do but relax.  But when you run on stress for a long time, sometimes even relaxing seems abnormal, but it will happen. 

I have worked on children to the very senior, disabled and amputees.  One thing I have learned is stress is nothing to play with or take lightly, which is why I am so passionate about helping other de stress.  

I have been helping others to enjoy much needed time to themselves for 10  years .   I understand how care takers seem to take such good care of everyone around them, and then neglect themselves.   

You can't take care of others properly when you need help yourself. 

                         "You cannot pour from an empty cup."

So are you ready to start taking care of yourself?

My office not stuffy.  I am very laid back and hope that you feel that way around me.  So come in, kick those shoes off and make yourself comfortable.  Take a deep breath, fall asleep, snore or tell  jokes for  an hour. It's your hour and it's all fine.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am happy to help.  


At Good N Tension Massage & Wellness,

It's all about you!




"I am transformed, it was just what I needed I feel like a new person."  SR, Wilmington, NC


" You need to name your business to "Toast to Butter".  Because I went in feeling like toast and came out feeling like butter, OMG what a fabulous massage."  Eva T. Wilmington, NC


" I can see in my preaching videos that my posture is better since I have been getting massage" MA, Wilmington, NC


"I am feeling better than I could imagine and definitely not sore at all?  I had a great experience and thank you so much!"  TD, Wilmington, NC


"OMG, I can move my neck again!"  KC  Wilmington, NC



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I hope to see you soon, and thank you for taking the time to check us out. 

We are located on Oleander Drive near Independence Mall at the corner of Oleander and 41st St. (Behind First Citizen's Bank)   You can print off directions on the Helpful Forms Tab as well as Fill in am Intake Form YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PRINT!